Communications Channel

The purpose of Caiba's Communication Channel is to provide all the stakeholders a communication channel with the Management and the Management Bodies through which to transmit any issue related to the company or to report wrongdoings, non-compliances and behaviours contrary to the ethics and legality.

CAIBA guarantees that the computer application used in the process will protect the confidentiality and anonymity at all times, if the interested party selects this option.

CAIBA acts in such a way that protects the person who reports any violation or suspicion of violation related to the Compliance Management System, against retaliation, understood as any act that may suppose or, simply, appear to be, a form of discrimination or penalty.

The process is as follows:


Report a wrongdoing

Cláusula RGPD
De conformidad con lo establecido en la normativa vigente en Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, le informamos que sus datos serán incorporados al sistema de tratamiento titularidad de CAIBA SA con CIF A46121166 y domicilio social sito en ISLA CABRERA S/N SECTOR 12 POL IND LA REVA 46190, RIBA-ROJA DE TURIA (VALENCIA), con la finalidad de atender sus consultas y remitirle información relacionada que pueda ser de su interés. En cumplimiento con la normativa vigente, CAIBA SA informa que los datos serán conservados durante el plazo estrictamente necesario para cumplir con los preceptos mencionados con anterioridad.


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