Sustainable innovation

Innovation that responds to the market demands

Innovation is key to improving our competitive advantages and meeting new market demands.
For this reason, at our Product Innovation Laboratory we are currently working on the development of the following projects:
Research on new materials for alternative sectors

We study the use of materials with different intrinsic viscosities to be applied in alternative sectors other than the current ones.

Likewise, we work on the application of recycled material (chemical or mechanical) with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the manufactured containers.

Improvement of the barrier effect in PET containers for fresh dairy products

We study the incorporation of light and oxygen resistant additives in preforms for fresh dairy product containers.

The innovative aspect of this line of work is to be able to incorporate one single additive that provides both properties to the container.

Improvement of the barrier effect in PET containers for sauces

We study the application of oxygen-absorbent additives for the packaging of sauces, which is a product highly susceptible to being degraded by oxygen and sunlight.

The aim is to enhance the barrier effect to reduce the product degradation speed and extend its useful life.

The innovative element of this line of work lies in incorporating additives to the container material, preventing the incorporation of these to the packed food product.

Sustainable innovation that reduces the impact of our activity

At Caiba we constantly invest in the development of a set of environmental programmes and actions. Their purpose is to minimise the impact of our activity and ensure the protection and improvement of the environment through the compliance of the requirements established by the current European, State, Regional and Local legislation.
  • Our In House Plants service minimises by more than 90% the impact of activities such as the transport and packaging of the containers.
  • The reduction in the weight of our products enables significantly decreasing the consumption of raw materials which are finite resources.
  • We introduce recycled material into our production processes.


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