Certified by AENOR in the use of RPET

We are leaders in the manufacture of PET containers and preforms


We manufacture our products under strict quality controls and we exclusively use goods in conformance with the current legislation, which allows us to obtain the most demanding certifications.


We have the experience and means to develop global projects which go from the bottle and preform creation stage to its production, guaranteeing a complete efficiency during the whole process.


Maximum profitability, minimum impact

CAIBA is the Spanish company with the most integrations. An important competitive advantage for our clients.

  • Reduction of more than 90% in the transport and packaging of containers
  • Optimisation of the logistic processes, maximising the profitability
  • Reduction of the ecological impact, contributing to the protection of the environment
Máxima rentabilidad, mínimo impacto

Presence of Caiba, S.A. in the medias (“El Escarbajao Verde”)

The Spanish TV channel RTVE wanted to count on Caiba on its program “El Escarabajo Verde”

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2019 - October - 21

Myths and rumors about PET

Find out why PET is an openly authorized and supported material by the top authorities in food safety for its use in the manufacturing of nutrition containers all over the world.

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2019 - March - 22

Nazca Capital has reached an agreement for the acquisition of a stake around 75% in Caiba

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2016 - September - 07


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